Good news! Xionggu Electrical was awarded the Chengdu Academician (Expert) Innovation Workstation Award in 2022

2023-05-19 14:05:15 www.xg1992.com

In August 2022, according to the Administrative Measures for the Construction and Funding of Chengdu Academician (Expert) Innovation Workstation, the Chengdu Association for Science and Technology, together with the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee (Talent Office), the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, the Municipal Bureau of Education, the Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, the Municipal Bureau of Finance, the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, the Municipal State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce and other departments, carried out the selection of Chengdu Academician (Expert) Innovation Workstation in 2022. After independent application by Xionggu Company, recommendation by the Association of Science and Technology, and expert evaluation, it is planned to designate 20 units including Chengdu Xionggu Jiashi Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. as Chengdu Academician (Expert) Innovation Workstation.


On April 27, 2023, the 24th Chengdu Science and Technology Annual Conference, hosted by the People's Government of Chengdu and organized by the Chengdu Association for Science and Technology, the Chengdu Bureau of Science and Technology, the Chengdu Federation of Social Sciences Circles, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chengdu Branch, was held in Chengdu. Representatives from the scientific and technological circles, industries, and academia gathered to talk about scientific and technological innovation, share cooperation opportunities, and seek future development. At this annual meeting, the units that have won the Chengdu Academician Expert Workstation were awarded the honor, and Xionggu Company was awarded this honor. It is understood that the Academician Expert Workstation is a good creative and effective form for the Chinese Association for Science and Technology to enhance independent innovation capabilities, build an innovative country, implement the strategy of strengthening the country with talent, organize and mobilize a large number of scientific and technological workers to serve grassroots and enterprises, and promote the integration of industry, academia, and research. It is also a good way to implement the "National Medium and Long Term Talent Development Plan Outline (2010-2020)", and leverage organizational characteristics and advantages, Implementing the policy of cultivating innovative talents through industry university research cooperation, promoting industry university research cooperation, gathering and cultivating high-level and innovative talents in practice, and building a grand innovative scientific and technological talent team are important measures that serve the development of the economy and society, and serve the pioneering work of enterprise technological innovation.