Is the efficiency of all position automatic pipeline welding in the field high?

2020-05-29 13:18:03 www.xg1992.com

As the construction of long-distance oil and gas pipelines is the same as the construction of expressways, it is hundreds or thousands of kilometers in length, and they are both continuous construction in the field. The Russia-China gas pipeline project under construction has a total length of 4000 km. In the route, there will be various terrain, such as forest land, swamp, river, paddy field, fish pond, plain, mountains, hills.

automatic pipeline welding

One of construction site in Russia-China gas pipeline project

At present, the steel pipe grade of long distance oil and gas pipeline in China is X70 / X80, it is required to adopt all position automatic welding to ensure the weld quality of the pipeline. Quality of automatic welding process is controllable. By 2018, the total length of oil and gas pipelines has reached to 129000 km. According to the medium and long term oil and gas pipeline network planning issued by the National Energy Administration in May 2017, by 2025, the length of China's oil and gas pipeline network will reach to 240000 kilometers. In the future, China's oil and gas pipeline network construction will usher in an important historical opportunity period, and the project construction task is very heavy.

One of construction site in Russia-China gas pipeline project

Compared with manual welding and semi-automatic welding, Xionggu all position pipeline automatic welding machine has higher welding efficiency. Taking the pipeline diameter of Φ 1422 as an example, a welding spread can complete about 20-30 welding joints every day on average under normal conditions, which is 2-3 times faster than efficiency of a semi-automatic welding spread. Of course, the investment of fully automatic welding equipment is twice that of semi-automatic welding equipment.

If automatic welding is applied, the operation requirements of welders are reduced, the welding parameters are preset in advance, the weld quality assurance reduces the dependence on the welder's technology, the all position automatic welding makes the weld quality consistency better, the data of automatic welding process of pipeline realizes remote transmission management and monitoring, in order to meet the development requirements of long-distance pipeline, it is very urgent and necessary to improve the efficiency of pipeline construction and fully carry out the pipeline automatic welding construction flow operation.

One of construction site in Russia-China gas pipeline project

Relying on 20 years of pipeline welding technology and 10 years of R & D, Xionggu company has developed all position pipeline automatic welding machine, who won the first prize of science and technology progress of China Petroleum Engineering Construction Association and the third prize of science and technology of China machinery industry.