Protect environment Xionggu has been taking action

2020-12-05 13:15:44 www.xg1992.com

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day has been celebrated since the first Earth Day was chosen by Gaylord Nelson and Dennis Hayes on Wednesday, April 22, 1970. The Earth Day is a festival specially set up for the protection of the world's environment. It aims to raise people's awareness of existing environmental problems, and mobilize people to participate in the environmental protection movement, so as to improve the overall environment of the earth.

China is a big country who endeavors to takes good care of the environment. Publicity activities related to environmental protection are held on Earth Day every year. This year, the theme of Earth Day in China is "cherish the earth, people and the harmonious coexistence of nature". The earth is the home of human beings, but human activities have caused serious damage to the earth. Forest, lake and wetland are disappearing. Coal, oil, natural gas and other non renewable energy are facing depletion. Energy combustion emissions lead to global warming, which threatens the survival and development of human beings. Therefore, it is urgent to protect the earth's resources and environment and seek sustainable development.

Xionggu has also been making great efforts to protect the environment, ranging from the company's management policy and product concept to garbage classification, daily work and living habits of employees. Xionggu company's management policy is "continuous improvement, energy conservation, harmonious development", and its product concept is "energy saving, efficient and reliable". It is well in line with the theme of this year's Earth Day. We constantly improve our products to make them energy-saving, efficient and reliable. Xionggu carries out classified management and treatment for production waste, daily office garbage, and carries out its firm commitment to environmental protection with practical actions.