The 19th Cultural and Sports Games of Xionggu Company came to a successful conclusion

2023-10-31 09:19:12 www.xg1992.com

On September 28, 2023, all colleagues of Xionggu Company gathered in the conference hall to start the 19th Cultural and Sports Games!


The main activities in the morning include corporate culture knowledge quizzes and "guess better than me". The rules are 5 people per group. The first person reads the word and passes it to the second person, who passes it on in turn. The fifth person answers. The time limit is 5 minutes. Guess the correct answer. The group with the higher number wins. And the game of blindfolding and feeding mooncakes. Each group of 5 people will serve as "commander", "foodie" and "errand boy" in turn. When the 5 people have experienced all three roles once, the game will end and the team with the shortest time will win.


In the afternoon, there are sports activities, including drumming games: 12 people play drums, 1 person directs, the first team to complete 20 consecutive hits in a single time wins; fancy relay race; 12 people jump rope at the same time, time limit is 3 minutes, jump The group with more wins. It tested the team's tacit understanding, persistence and perseverance.


In the fierce competition, the 19th Cultural and Sports Games of Xionggu Company came to a successful conclusion.Xionggu's team activities have played a significant role in enhancing the bond between our employees, making us not just coworkers but better partners!