The quality of Xionggu pipeline automatic welding machine is trustworthy

2023-05-16 13:52:33 www.xg1992.com

Xionggu A-300X pipeline single torch external welding machine is the first generation of pipeline automatic welding machine put into engineering. Although production of this welding machine has been stopped, it can still be seen on the 3rdand the 4thWest to East Gas Pipeline, continuing to contribute to the construction of pipelines.

As early as 2016, a certain EPC contractor purchased 24 units of A-300X single torch external welding machines, which completed more than 100 kilometers of pipeline welding in Saudi Arabia. After returning to China, they continued to be used in the pipeline projects such as the phase 3 of the Sino-Russia Eastern Gas Pipeline, the Beijing Gas Pipeline, the Anhui Tianchang Liaison Line, and the 3rdand 4thWest to East Gas Pipeline. Now 7 years have passed, and the various functions of this batch of welding machines are still intact, with high welding quality and efficiency. We have received unanimous and high praise from both the pipeline owner and the EPC contractor, and the quality of the Xionggu automatic pipeline welding machine is trustworthy.

Pipeline Automatic Welding Machine

Pipeline Automatic Welding Machine

Fig.: Xionggu Pipeline Automatic Welding Machine A-300X in the 1stlot of the 3rdWest to East Gas Pipeline Project