Warmly congratulate on the successful convening of Xionggu Company's first-quarter meeting in 2024.

2024-04-24 15:34:05 www.xg1992.com

Accompanied by a gentle breeze and drizzle, theXiongguCompany's first quarter meeting was held at 9:00 am on April 7th in the fourth floor conference hall. All company employees attended the quarterly meeting.


The meeting began with a report from the Chief Financial Officer on the overall business performance of the company in the first quarter of 2024 and the operating performance of each Amoeba. The company's business performance in the first quarter of this year was not ideal. Everyone was encouraged to show courage and determination, face challenges with a strong fighting spirit, and demonstrate the determination to never give up until the goal is achieved, in order to continue to strive for the business goals of 2024.


Next was the presentation of exemplary deeds by the benchmark team of values. The technical service department, which did not close during the Spring Festival and fully demonstrated responsibility and dedication, was highlighted for putting customers first.

The A-1000i welding cart drive project team, which demonstrated the power of teamwork, was also recognized.

The entire online marketing department, which started from "0" and is dedicated to promoting Xionggu's products to the worldand was commended for embracing change.

The product promotion and application team of the technical service department, which put in efforts no less than anyone else to provide a complete set of welding solutions, was praised for their professionalism.

Safety is of utmost importance, and in this quarterly meeting, XiangdongLiu from the Technology and Quality Department explained the importance of safety from the perspective of laws, regulations, and examples. Even a small oversight can lead to significant hazards. In the face of safety issues, it is only when everyone takes responsibility and ensures safety that everyone can be safe.


Finally, Chairman Xiong summarized the company's key work in the first quarter and deployed the work for the second quarter. Chairman Xiong emphasized that the company's operating performance in the first quarter had declined significantly compared to the previous year. Despite the extremely challenging market situation, this should not be used as an excuse. Instead, it requires even more courage and double the effort to achieve the goals.