Xionggu pipeline automatic welding machine sends good news, and welding of this lot of the project starts

2022-07-29 16:40:35 www.xg1992.com

According to the technical service team of automatic welding machine of Xionggu company, the construction of the 4th lot of the 3rd West to East gas pipeline has started.Welding spread G501 from CPP is transported from Tai'an lot of the Sino-Russia Eastern gas pipeline to the 3rd West to East gas pipeline project, mainly responsible for the installation, process commissioning, training and examination of the automatic pipeline welding machine in the early stage. Complete the process commissioning and welder examination in a short time, and then start work after the first 100 pipe joints are completed.

pipeline automatic welding machine

The installation of automatic pipeline welding machine was completed and powered on within three days after the arrival. We learned about the new welding process at the first time, conducted team welding, tested the operation of all equipment, and observed the welding situation. After several days of exploration, each welding shed and welding personnel finally determined a set of parameters suitable for themselves in the form of wheel fights. At the same time, the welders were also familiar with the whole operation and the small details, and then each welder completed a crossing normally, and carried out AUT testing and all passed. Two more spreads come up one after another. After two days of practice, all three spread passed the exam on the same day.

pipeline automatic welding machine

Project Description: the 4th lot of the 3rd West to East gas pipeline is located in Zhenyuan County, Qingyang City, Gansu Province, Jingchuan County, Pingliang City, Lingtai county. The whole line is 162.76km long, d1219mm in diameter, 18.4mm in wall thickness, 22mm, 10MPa in design pressure, L555m (x80m) in material, and 7 valve chambers are set. The whole line includes 90m / 1 pipe jacking Crossing Expressway; 120m/2 pipe jacking crossings of class I and II Highway; 572m/14 pipe jacking crossings of class III and IV Highway; 132m/3 pipe jacking crossings of roads below class IV; The top box culvert crosses the railway (pipeline installation) 82m/1; Excavation + casing crossing 358m/11 roads; Excavation + slab culvert crossing 104m/4 roads; Excavate and cover the road at 6180m/302; Excavation + cover plate crossing highway 180m/2; Heavy excavation crosses medium and small rivers, gullies and ditches at 2060m/31 places; There are 109 underground pipeline crossings and 146 underground optical (electric) cable crossings.

pipeline automatic welding machine