Xionggu will embrace the spirit of hard work to welcome the next 30 years

2024-04-24 16:39:53 www.xg1992.com

In 1992, Xionggustarted from scratch, beginning as a small workshop producing manual welding machines, and went through four periods from Qinglongchang, Tuqiao, Jiaolong Industrial Port to the High-tech West District, gradually developing into a leading enterprise in intelligent welding equipment for pipelines in China. The past achievements could easily breed arrogance and complacency in us. As the overall age of the company's management team increases year by year, the "disease of wealth and old age" of older enterprises will also come along, greatly affecting the healthy and agile progress of Xionggu.


2023 marks the beginning of the second 30 years for Xionggu. We must carry forward the spirit of hard work and perseverance of the past 30 years. Like all living things in the world, full of vitality and tenacious life force, we should not fear hardships and harsh environments, possess the ability to evolve continuously, be full of passion and innovation, and put in efforts no less than anyone else, with a mindset of starting from scratch and setting sail anew.


Since 2023, due to the near saturation of the domestic market demand for automatic pipeline welding machines, Xionggu's performance has once again entered a period of adjustment and turning point. This is another test for us. Only after experiencing multiple severe winters and downturns can the business become stronger. We must face the current market environment with a sense of gratitude, meet the challenges with strong will and burning fighting spirit, and challenge high goals from the two dimensions of international market development and product intelligence upgrading. We are ready to embrace the new journey of the next 30 years, strive to achieve the goals of Xionggu2030 and the innovative development of the second 30 years, and make Xionggu a century-old store that employees can entrust with their lifelong dedication, contributing to the progress and development of human society.