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PCW Series IGBT Inverter Digital MIG/MAG Welder

Product Introduction

Function:Precision Short-circuit Transfer GMAW,Root pass welding by precision short circuit transfer with metal cored wire

Product characteristics

  • 01Precision short circuit transfer;
  • 02Better control of penetration and heat input;
  • 03Little spatters and fumes;
  • 04Well adapted extruded wire length and stable arc;
  • 05Stable welding, good arc rigidity, strong penetration, molten pool easy to control, good weld forming;
  • 06100% CO2 shielding gas is used when root pass welding with solid carbon steel wire, low cost.

Main Technical Parameters

Model PCW-300P
Product ID 4082000000
Input Power Supply 3 phase 380V±25% 50/60Hz
Rated Input Power 13kVA
Rated Input Current 20A
Rated Output Current/Voltage 300A/29V
Rated Output Duty Cycle 60%
Max. Open-Circuit Voltage 66V
Peak Current Range 20~480A
Basic Current Range 20~300A
Arc length regulation -20~20
Cooling Air cooling
Ambient Temperature -40~55℃
Altitude 4000m
IP Rating IP23
Accessories XG-95Wire feeder、RWG-300Welding torch XG-95 wire feeder, RWG-300 MIG/MAG torch.
Weight 64kg
Dimensions(W×L×H) 350mm×600mm×460mm

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