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DPS-500P Digital Pulse MIG/MAG Welder

Product Introduction

Function:Carbon steel solid wire PST? (Precision Short-circuit Transfer)and pulse spray transfer welding;Metal powder cored wire PST? and pulse spray transfer welding;FCAW-SS, SMAW (cellulose stick), SMAW (low hydrogen stick);Automatic welding equipment and welding robot interface are available to realize automatic welding.

Product characteristics

  • 01Designed with digital soft switch inverter technology, 50 kHz switch frequency, integrated DC laminated bus structure, excellent dynamic characteristic;
  • 02Creative PST® (precision short circuit transfer) technology;
  • 03Weld quality of metal powder cored wire welding surpasses similar products manufactured by domestic and international manufacturers. It’s easy to operate root pass and fill/capping of all position welding with high qualified rate. There is no concave on root pass;
  • 04Welding process is stable, good arc rigidity, strong arc penetration, molten pool is easy to control, good front side and back side weld forming;
  • 05Designed with advanced system architecture it is not necessary to makes change of hardware to realize different welding process;
  • 06With Chinese/English display interface, easy single regulation, many groups of pre-stored parameters to call.

Main Technical Parameters

Model DPS-500P
Product ID 4088000000
Input Power Supply 3 phase 380V±20% 50/60Hz
Rated Output Current/Voltage 400A/36V
Rated Duty Cycle 100%
Max. Open-Circuit Voltage 99V
Output Current Range 25~400A
Cooling 风冷 Air cooling
Ambient Temperature -40~55℃
Altitude 4000m
IP Rating IP23
Weight 62kg
Dimensions (W×L×H) 400mm×700mm×500mm

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